Subutex (Buprenorphine) Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know if Subutex is right for me?

Approved for use by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Subutex is a safe and effective medication given to individuals who are struggling with an addiction to opioids. When utilized as directed under the guidance of a medical professional within a medication assisted treatment program, Subutex provides patients with relief from withdrawal symptoms, as well as a reduction in opioid cravings.

By consulting with a qualified medical professional, patients are able to determine if incorporating Subutex into their treatment program is the correct route to take towards their personal recovery. The healthcare professionals at San Diego Comprehensive Treatment Centers provide patients with the guidance and support necessary to determine which type of treatment will best meet their needs.

Can I become addicted to Subutex?

Buprenorphine, an opioid medication, is used as the main component in Subutex and has addictive properties. Because of this, there is a low risk of becoming addicted to Subutex.

Will Subutex show up on a drug screening?

A positive result will not arise if a drug screen is required while a person is taking Subutex. The standard urine tests that are given for drug screens will not detect buprenorphine but will detect other opioids. A specific test must be used to detect the presence of buprenorphine within the system.

How long will I need to be on Subutex?

The length of time that individuals continue to use Subutex will vary between patients. While some patients use Subutex long-term, others will only remain on it for a short period of time. By working with your physician and counselor, you will be able to gain a better idea of the length of time you will benefit from Subutex based on your specific needs.

Does Subutex interact with other drugs or medications?

Subutex can cause negative reactions when used at the same time as other medications. Depending on the specific medication that is being taken, the side effects can vary from mild to severe in nature. Your physician can provide you with specific details regarding potential drug interactions based on the specific medication(s) that you are prescribed. Because side effects can take place, it is important to communicate openly about the use of any medications or drugs with your physician prior to incorporating Subutex into your treatment program. Patients who are prescribed Subutex should avoid using recreational drugs and alcohol due to the harmful interactions that can take place.

What if I no longer wish to take Subutex? Can I stop or switch to a different medication?

If you no longer wish to use Subutex, it is important to closely work with your physician to safely taper off of the medication. Immediately stopping the use of Subutex can cause harmful side effects. Many patients begin treatment on Subutex and then transition onto Suboxone for long-term maintenance. By working with both your counselor and physician, you will be able to create a treatment plan that best fits your specific needs to ensure the most effective outcome.

What is the cost of Subutex treatment?

Since treatment at San Diego Comprehensive Treatment Centers is highly individualized, the cost of care will vary between patients. By developing and implementing individualized treatment plans for each patient, the care received will provide patients with the highest opportunity for long-term recovery. To further discuss the treatment options available, as well as the cost of treatment, please contact one of our dedicated intake experts.