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Fashion Valley Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) has been awarded a multimillion-dollar grant by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). This grant will help provide lifesaving medication-assisted treatment to more than 500 men and women over the next two years.

San Diego and its surrounding communities have been devastated by the opioid epidemic that has emerged in recent years. As a response to this national epidemic, former President Barak Obama signed into effect the Cures Act in 2016. This act allocated over $900 million to SAMHSA to distribute among opioid addiction treatment providers over a two-year span. Within this time period, providers who are awarded Cures Act grants by SAMHSA will be able to supply services to the growing number of individuals who need opioid addiction treatment.

Fashion Valley CTC is a provider of medication-assisted treatment in San Diego that treats patients using a combination of medication and AOD counseling. Presently, Fashion Valley CTC cares for many individuals in the San Diego area, though the new grant awarded by SAMHSA will allow this center to expand their good work and offer services to currently disenfranchised individuals.

In addition to new funds for services, Fashion Valley CTC will also initiate the evidence-based Hub and Spoke Model for treating addiction. This model will allow Fashion Valley CTC and other treatment providers to collaborate, and supply wrap around care that addresses the unique needs of those struggling with opioid dependency.

For more information about the Opioid Crisis Grant from SAMHSA, click here. For more information on Opioid treatment at Fashion Valley Comprehensive Treatment Center, click here.
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