El Cajon Comprehensive Treatment Center

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234 N Magnolia Ave
El Cajon, CA 92020

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Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri: 5:30am-2pm
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Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri: 5:30am-1pm
Wed: 5:30am-12pm
Sat: 7am-10am
Sun: Closed

Learn about El Cajon Comprehensive Treatment Center

El Cajon Comprehensive Treatment Center provides individuals struggling with an opioid addiction with the opportunity to regain control of their lives, free from the grips of chemical dependency. Providing treatment for individuals aged 18 and older, El Cajon Comprehensive Treatment Center utilizes a comprehensive treatment approach that combines medication-assisted treatment, along with various effective therapeutic interventions.

Our staff of dedicated physicians, counselors, and nurses provides patients with individualized care to meet their specific treatment needs in order to successfully overcome addictions to heroin, morphine, prescription painkillers, and other opioids. Our team works closely with patients to monitor both the prescribing and administering of medications in order to ensure that each patient is both safe and well cared for while partaking in our programming. The medications used at El Cajon Comprehensive Treatment Center include the following:

  • Methadone
  • Suboxone
  • Subutex
  • Vivitrol

The exact medication prescribed, as well as the dosage used, will vary between patients depending on their specific needs and current status of health. By working closely with our qualified physicians, patients are able to receive appropriate dosages that can be altered throughout the course of treatment if needed.

Our Treatment Therapies

El Cajon Comprehensive Treatment Center believes that by incorporating therapeutic elements into treatment as well, patients will receive a truly comprehensive treatment experience. By helping patients understand what caused them to use opioids in the first place, patients can come to realize problematic thought processes and unhealthy behaviors that contributed to their addictions, and develop the skills needed to make positive changes in their lives. By working with a counselor, patients are able to process their emotions in a safe environment. El Cajon Comprehensive Treatment Center also provides group therapy sessions in which patients come together with others who are battling addiction in order to gain support and encouragement from others who understand the struggles associated with addiction and recovery. El Cajon Comprehensive Treatment Center offers patients the following therapeutic interventions:

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Comprehensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment (COSAT)

If you or someone you love is battling an opioid addiction, please contact the dedicated team at El Cajon Comprehensive Treatment Center. Our comprehensive treatment approach provides patients with the individualized treatment required to achieve long-term recovery.